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Energy Booster

Energy Booster is a source of instant energy since it is easily assimilated by the body, it contains glucose with US RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCE of vital vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, & Zinc per serving, for regular intake. Exertion on a hot, tiring day and physically demanding activities such as athletics and sports deplete your energy store.

Energy booster is a great combination of 45 percent carbohydrates & 45 percent protein with all essential amino acid, vitamins and minerals. Its useful for all body builders, athletes & Sportsman. It is specially for healthy & fast muscle growth. Maintain peak physical fitness & gives good shape to all body builder, power lifter, weight lifter .


Composition Per 100 GMS.

% Daily Value

Phoenix Dactylifera 2%
Saccharum Officinarum 20%
Withania Somnifera 1%
Prinus Dulcis 1%
Excipients q.s

Other Details

Flavour Availability
Orange 1000g & 4000g
Pineapple 1000g & 4000g

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